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New Orleans Museum of Art

NOMA New Orleans Museum of Art

First of of the series “What NoMA is NOT”: an American art institution, based in the area where Hurricane Kartina has brought serious damage.

The reason why I am speaking, for the first in this new series, about NOMA as New Orleans Museum of Art is the charm of the destruction that a natural disaster can have on a human creation (a city, a museum…), and I like the idea of considering that (Katrina) as a lesson, a terrible lesson, about the function of art, and the limits that art can never cross. At the end, a lesson for NoMA (as Not Museum of Art)

I’ll not repeat what was said by Stockhausen on Twin towers simply because this would misunderstand and diminish the German artist’s intuition. If I want to give more teoretical link, I give Simmel’s ruin, or Artaud’s theatre, or Politi’s crolli.

I just want to say that Katrina taught us that art must always come to terms with human limitations and their misery; art must confront itself with the geographical, political and economical aspects of the men society in a certain time; and must fight every totalitarianism, including the scientifical one.


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  noma08 wrote @

Ps. I see these at the opposite of my research…

This does not mean that I personally object to their purposes.


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